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After ruling Broadway and reaching 100 million TV viewers, Andrews was the most famous woman in the world

Reflections With Julie Andrews

After ruling Broadway with “My Fair Lady” and “Camelot,” dazzling film audiences with “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music,” and reaching over 100 million television viewers in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella,”...

Bridget LeRoy  June 8, 2017 Entertainment


HIFF previews HBO doc at Guild Hall

Interview With Jane Fonda: Actress, Activist, Octogenarian

With Jane Fonda, there are no in-betweens. Her life has been lived in the public eye and, popular or unpopular, she has always gone full steam ahead, whether sinking her teeth into...

Bridget LeRoy September 18, 2018 Entertainment


Songwriter partners with Les Claypool for band’s third album

Sean Ono Lennon: Bringing The Beauty

Some stories are more personal than others. It would be disingenuous to start this article without full disclosure — the Lennons were our neighbors at the Dakota in New York City. John...

Bridget LeRoy May 21, 2019 Entertainment


Tony Kushner revisits fantasy, fascism in reboots

Angels, Devil Are In The Details

You know it. He knows it. “Angels in America” is going to be Tony Kushner’s epitaph. Within moments of its 1991 premiere, everyone who saw it knew it was an utterly original...

Bridget LeRoy  July 2, 2019 Entertainment



On the hunt for this century’s most meticulous serial killer

Maureen Callahan: ‘American Predator’

At East Hampton Library’s Authors Night on August 10 — filled with the literati and the glitterati, 100 authors from the famous to the infamous, and one of the season’s most popular...

Bridget LeRoy August 27, 2019  Entertainment


Grants help bring happy endings to local hubs

Libraries: A Love Story

Once upon a time, a library was simply a place where books lived. But, as the years passed, and people became busier, and there was less time for reading and more distractions...

Bridget LeRoy August 27, 2019  Features


Astrophysicist lands on East End

Neil deGrasse Tyson: He’s Really Out There

Carl Sagan made the universe, the space/time continuum, and other vast theories, accessible to us regular Joes. But Neil deGrasse Tyson made it fun. Tyson, the astrophysicist and director of the Hayden...

Bridget LeRoy  July 30, 2019 Featured


Hamptons fundraiser celebrates a decade of support

The Apollo Theater: 85 And Still Growing

Although it’s only a tree trunk, its roots run deep. The last, famous remnant of the Tree of Hope — a stately elm which grew in front of another Harlem theater a...

Bridget LeRoy   July 30, 2019 Entertainment


Legendary performers honor their legacy and create their own voice

The Next Generation: Rufus, Rosanne, Teddy, & More

Is it nature or nurture? That was one of the questions that was posited to Guild Hall’s summer headliners who, coincidentally, come from famous performer parents, sometimes on both sides. The Allman...

Bridget LeRoy June 25, 2019 Entertainment


Mocked by Trump, Kovaleski says journalists won’t back down

Serge Kovaleski: A Reporter Reflects

Say the name Serge Kovaleski, and you’ll likely get a blank stare from most people, even though he is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has spent a lifetime at the world’s best...

Bridget LeRoy August 29, 2018 Featured


Aida Turturro — who will perform in Monica Bauer’s one-act as part of The Neo-Political Cowgirls’ “Andromeda’s Sisters” on Thursday, June 28 — is best known for her twice Emmy-nominated role as Janice Soprano in “The Sopranos,” the blockbuster HBO show about a Mafia crime family, and, well, a family.

Aida Turturro: Family First

Aida Turturro — who will perform in Monica Bauer’s one-act as part of The Neo-Political Cowgirls’ “Andromeda’s Sisters” on Thursday, June 28 at Guild Hall in East Hampton — is best known...

Bridget LeRoy June 26, 2018 Arts


Catholic Holocaust survivor ‘will never stop’ speaking out

Bozenna Gilbride: What Hate Looks Like

A beautiful home in the woods of Southampton offers a moment of tranquil respite as Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride stands on her deck, handfeeding a trio of furry baby deer. One moves in...

Bridget LeRoy March 26, 2019 Arts


Descendent of Thomas Jefferson fights for the recognition of his African-American cousins

Lucian Truscott IV Continues His Mission

Lucian K. Truscott IV — best-selling author and journalist — is sitting in the living room of his Sag Harbor home, which was built in the early 1700s, more than 30 years...

Bridget LeRoy February 14, 2019 Featured


Springs couple brings ceramics, jewelry, and painting to show

Parsons Close Project Debuts At Aqua Art Miami

Pottery is one of the most ancient of the arts — shards have been found that date back 20,000 years — and the only one which encompasses all of the elements: earth,...

Bridget LeRoy November 27, 2018 Arts


Intimate look at famed local artists in Water Mill

McDarrah’s Shots Tell A Story

With its soaring ceilings, massive exhibition space, and hushed hallways, the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill has proven its aptitude in bringing to the public installations that might not fit in...

Bridget LeRoy November 6, 2018 Arts


The Widower’s Notebook has helped grieving readers feel less alone

Santlofer’s Memoir Chronicles Life After Loss

Best-selling author and artist Jonathan Santlofer — the next guest in the 2018 fall Writers Speak Wednesdays at Stony Brook Southampton — knows all about painful life changes and transitions. Santlofer is...

Bridget LeRoy October 30, 2018


Award-winning chef a keynote speaker at The Food Lab on September 15

Colin Ambrose: Food, Connections, And Fish

  There’s an art to fishing. For Colin Ambrose — the highly-successful chef and restaurateur known out here for the original Estia in Amagansett and Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor...

Bridget LeRoy September 11, 2018 Arts


Billy Joel’s lighting designer has inaugural painting show

Steve Cohen: Shining A Light On His Art

  Directly after lighting his very first Billy Joel concert in Kansas City, using “a rickety lighting board” that he felt wasn’t up to the task, Steve Cohen was naturally a little...

Bridget LeRoy September 4, 2018 Arts


Radio host shares passion for Coney Island, plans for Amazon theme park

Things You Don’t Know About Ed German

If you think of Ed German as the man who brings you John Coltrane, Aretha Franklin, Count Basie, and scores of other jazz and soul legends and deep cuts, five nights a...

Bridget LeRoy August 29, 2018 Arts


Tuskegee story comes to Guild Hall for one night

‘Black Angels’ Takes Flight

Take flight with the Southampton African American Museum and the Eastville Community Historical Society on Thursday, August 16, as Black Angels Over Tuskegee, one of the longest-running off-Broadway productions, comes to the...

Bridget LeRoy August 14, 2018 Entertainment


Sag Harbor author’s novel adapted for screen stars Elisabeth Moss.

Susan Merrell’s Shirley Begins Filming Upstate

Sag Harbor author Susan Scarf Merrell smiled and slowly shook her head. “It’s surreal. I’m just speechless,” she said. That’s because Merrell has hit a writer’s emotional jackpot — her novel...

Bridget LeRoy August 7, 2018 Arts


All told, $20 million has been raised for the iconic theater.

Ninth Year For Apollo In The Hamptons

It would take a book, or several thousand of them, to hip readers to the colorful history and the social importance of the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. From a “whites-only” burlesque...

Bridget LeRoy August 7, 2018 Charity


“When I was writing these new songs, I was experiencing a personal tsunami.” - Sophie B. Hawkins

Sophie B. Riffs With G.E. At Guild Hall

It’s such a cliché to say that someone “broke the mold,” and it doesn’t even apply to Sophie B. Hawkins — best known for her ‘90s hits “Damn, I Wish I Was...

Bridget LeRoy July 24, 2018 Arts


Steve Haweeli of WordHampton discusses art, restaurants, and the East Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Renaissance Man Steve Haweeli

Meeting with old friend Steve Haweeli of WordHampton for lunch at the new Maison Vivienne in Southampton to discuss art, restaurants, the East Hampton Chamber of Commerce, and, let’s face it, life...

Bridget LeRoy July 10, 2018 Entertainment


If you’re listening to 88.3 WPPB FM’s “Afternoon Ramble” with Brian Cosgrove, you’ve probably got your trigger finger on the Shazam button.

Brian Cosgrove: Off The Charts

If you’re driving around between 1 and 5 PM, Monday through Saturday, and you’re listening to 88.3 WPPB FM’s “Afternoon Ramble” with Brian Cosgrove, you’ve probably got your trigger finger on the...

Bridget LeRoy June 19, 2018 Arts


David Broza, the multi-platinum Israeli superstar, will perform at Guild Hall in East Hampton on July 7.

Broza Comes To Guild Hall

It would have been enough for David Broza, the multi-platinum Israeli superstar who will perform at Guild Hall in East Hampton on July 7, to rest on his laurels, even in his...

Bridget LeRoy June 12, 2018 Arts


Daisy Goodwin, writer and creator of the smash-hit PBS series “Victoria” — starring Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes — talks to Indy.

Daisy Goodwin: Channeling Victoria’s Strength

Say “Queen Victoria” and most people will immediately picture the aged monarch, paunchy and sullen, dressed in black with a lace doily on her head: an Alfred Hitchcock in drag. And Prince...

Bridget LeRoy May 22, 2018 Arts




Peter Morgan’s powerhouse drama Frost/Nixon is now at Bay Street Theater, featuring Daniel Gerroll as David Frost and Harris Yulin as former President Richard Nixon.

Frost/Nixon: No Holds Barred

Peter Morgan’s powerhouse drama Frost/Nixon — which enjoyed a successful West End and Broadway run, and was turned into an equally successful film version — is now at Bay Street Theater, featuring...

Bridget LeRoy July 3, 2018 Arts


Page At 63 Main in Sag Harbor offers one of the most delightful spots to dine in all of the Hamptons, if you like to people watch.

Page At 63 Main: ‘Seed to table’

Page At 63 Main in Sag Harbor offers one of the most delightful spots to dine in all of the Hamptons, if you like to people watch. Also, for privacy, is a...

Bridget LeRoy July 3, 2018 Dining


It is a powerful production that captures the paranoia rampant in Hollywood during the House Un-American Activities Committee’s hearings.

Miller, Monroe, Kazan In Strong Debut

Jack Canfora’s world premiere play, Fellow Travelers, directed by Michael Wilson, kicked off Bay Street Theater’s summer season on Saturday with a punch to the gut. It is a powerful production that...

Bridget LeRoy June 5, 2018 Arts


Tap: An Evening of Rhythm will hold performances at Guild Hall this weekend.

Our Fabulous Variety Show On Tap

I’ll admit it, this was my first Our Fabulous Variety Show experience, and with the title Tap: An Evening of Rhythm, coupled with pre-show sightings of little girls in leotards and heavy...

Bridget LeRoy May 1, 2018 Arts




“I’ve made a little hideout of this place in the dunes. I come here to write. I feel safe in this spot, sheltered, even though there’s no roof here anymore.”

Joe Pintauro, Sag Harbor Playwright, Dies at 87

The first line from Joe Pintauro’s world premiere of Men’s Lives was the first line spoken on the Bay Street stage when the theater opened its doors to the public on July...

Bridget LeRoy June 1, 2018 Featured